Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Defining the artist 2

Defining the artist is not a precise activity and is open to many interpretations. In addition there are many genres covered by “the artist”. Many different skills are required for each branch of artistry. Peter Bryant – check his blog for a quote from Steptoe - gave us a description of the temperament of the artist which could be described as stereotypical. And stereotypes are more readily assigned to some professions more than others. For instance, we can easily summon to our mind’s eye an image of librarians or accountants. We can imagine what they wear and where they buy their clothes. However, bear in mind the apt quote from Alexandre Dumas Pere that “all generalisations are dangerous, even this one”.

In preparation for the transformation from artist to professional artist it would be useful to consider three aspects you in your personal development.


Starting with Knowledge. What knowledge do you need to be an artist? What knowledge do you need to be a professional artist? How are you going to get this knowledge?

Then do the same for Skills and Aptitude.

This exercise should engage you in the activity of reflection.

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