Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Evening Lecture - Making Public Histories Thursday 18th March 7-8.30pm, at Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, Cat Hill

Free Event for Students

David Heathcote is a design historian, writer, curator and broadcaster.
In this lecture he will discuss the ways in which the requirements of different media – whether exhibitions, television programmes or publications – shape the ways that history can be told.

History is almost invariably something that we gain understanding of through its articulation in the public domain. Most historians, however, are woefully unprepared for the work necessary to convert their research into something that the public can read, listen to or view.

Historians rarely suspect, when venturing from the quiet world of the University into the realm of public history, that what awaits them are a vast array of good reasons as to why what they want to state cannot be conveyed as they propose. From the length of lines and legal constraints on seemingly innocent material to the necessity for the historian to appear naked before the audience to tell the story, the public realm has much in common with the gladiatorial arena.

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