Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tutor Guidance on Blogs

There’s a wealth of advice on the above to help you progress on the module. Here is a flavor of what you will find there:

For guidance on the Project Plan for the Assignment check Paula’s blog entry called Campus Session 4. My blog has a slideshow called Research Overview which has a slide on a project timeline which could be a model for you. Paula’s Activities 1,2,& 7 entry is helpful in focusing on actions you should be completing for inclusion in the assignment. Ethics is a requirement for your assignment and the principles are covered here on this blog.

Peter’s Evaluating your Topic is a thoughtful piece and should be read in conjunction with Paula’s Basic Theory entry.

The Interview Method as a research tool is well covered by Paula. If you are interested in preparing a survey you should look at Preparing your Research Survey on Peter’s Blog as well as the Surveys slideshow on my blog. Observations may be an option for data gathering you are considering and again, this blog provides information as well as an exercise.

There’s lots more on these blogs as well as your class colleagues. A list of blog addresses is being prepared to be sent to you in the near future. Best regards and Happy Easter!

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  1. Hello Rosemary, i couldnt make the campus session due to starting my new jo. I wondered if you could help me understand the ethics statement that needs to be completed for the module. I dont really understand what is required or how i go about doing it? I dont mind if its a comment left on this post or a comment on my ethics explained post. I would really appreciate it Abbi Williams