Thursday, 29 September 2011

Welcome Back

By now, those of you are starting Module 3, the Inquiry project will surely have looked at the Module Handbook and seen in there what is required in the Assessment. One of the things we are asking for is a Professional Artefact which emerges from your inquiry. For instance, if you are doing your inquiry on expanding your Arts Business as Nicole Geddes hope to do then she might produce a strategic plan for expansion of her business. This will be a direct by-product of her inquiry and will be a guide to her own business expansion. Someone else may do an inquiry on inclusiveness in dance teaching e.g Nikki McGowan and an outcome of that could possibly be a model lesson plan to address inclusiveness / differentiation. These suggestions are only suggestions ... but it's worthwhile to think at this early stage of the end game of your inquiry ... a standalone artefact which demonstrates the expansion of your knowledge and contribution to professional practice.

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  1. Thanks for this post Rosemary - although I am still on the 2nd module it's useful to get a clearer idea of what we are aiming to eventually achieve in module 3. At the moment my head is still swimming with questions but I feel I am gradually getting a better sense of what my inquiry topic should fulfill.