Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Campus Session – Module 2

Today’s session started out by a discussion on where everyone was with their big questions which could lead into an inquiry. There was, as expected, some questions which were more formulated than others which is perfectly natural at this time. Adesola was on hand with useful advice on asking how questions could be linked to professional practice and emergent questions from college days. Inevitably, some people have shifted in their professional practice from the subject pursued in college. Nonetheless this could be a starting point. The importance of engaging in SIG(s) was recalled and we reminded people how useful Facebook was in supporting this the last time.

We then went to look at the issue of Professional Ethics and attention was drawn to the Reader where the history of Ethics and the various theoretical standpoints are explained. We discussed the potential conflicts between personal, professional and organisational ethics. We asked people to draw up a Code of Practice for their profession and then compare it with an actual code in their professional practice. The tasks in this part of the module (Part 5 – Ethics) should be attempted about this time and blogs updated.


  1. Thanks for the post Rosemary - as previously, I would have loved to be at the Campus Session but work gets in the way (great to be so busy though!)

    In terms of developing our questions, I wondered if you could share some thoughts about how we make sure the results of our inquiry are 'measurable'. I think I am right in thinking this is a requirement of inquiry at this academic level, but sometimes I can't quite see how to 'measure' with topics that often seem so subjective, or based on opinion.

    For example, I know that Sonal is considering an inquiry about the transition from performer to choreographer/teacher, and I am interested in a transition from stage to screen, or possibly even performer to producer. If we explore these topics - is it enough to base our findings on interviews or opinion? I don't imagine they're the kind of things there would be much statistical evidence about.

    Perhaps I am confusing myself or getting ahead of the game but I'd be interested to know your thoughts...

  2. Thank you Rosemary for the very useful information I gained today from the campus session. It was nice to finally meet the friendly "faces" I'd only known from the blogs!! I've started brainstorming all we've discussed after our meeting and hopefully I can get where I should be in time for the next campus session.

    I've set up a SIG on facebook about what I've shared today and that I want to explore more...hopefully I will get conversations going that will help me see if I'm in the right directions!

  3. Thanks for this post Rosemary, sounds like the session was very productive. I am feeling a little behind as I still have questions that seem to have a linking theme, but not entirely set as yet. Progressing onto the Ethics section feels difficult when my inquiry is still so open.

    Stephanie has actually proposed a question I too was wondering, when our research is largely opinion based, how do we ensure something is measurable in some way?

  4. I'm sorry I was not able to attend the campus session. I would have loved to have made it because I am finding the logistics of planning an enquiry quite difficult. I would have benefited from being there. I am less concerned at this stage with my outputs being measurable and about professional ethics. My problems have been more practical and fundamental, such as who outside our module group can be persuaded to take an interest in my enquiry an how can I make it useful to them. Forming a useful and relevant SIG is also concerning me, and I think the campus session would have given me a firmer base to move forward