Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fare thee well, Trent Park

For the last year the academic and administrative Professional Practice Team have been located in Trent Park. We are now based in at the Hendon Campus in the Grove Building, but all of us, Alan, Adesola, Avni, Paula and myself feel lucky that we got the chance to have worked on this fabulous campus.

Trent Park started out as a hunting ground for Henry IV, seven centuries ago and ended up as a campus for Middlesex University – a home for the performing arts of Theatre, Dance and Music as well as a Teacher Training College after the war. In between times famous visitors included Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. During WWII it served as a splendid POW camp for German officers. Middlesex University are leaving this unique place at the end of August 2012 and the following clips are of a specially designed performance organized by the Education Deprtment charting its story. This performance happened on one of our last days on this campus. As the script says – the trees have been here long before any of us and Trent Park will live on and re-invent itself again. We can be sure that the next occupants will appreciate its beauty as much as we did. Fare thee well…

and part 2 ....


  1. I love it Rosemary!! What a good send off! Thanks for posting. We will miss you Trent Park a lot but thanks for some amazing memories! X

  2. I didn't know any thing about Trent Park and it's history. I just thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery and drive to the Mansion every time I visited, wishing I owned the place..... Let's hope it's not pulled down and the grounds sold off to some developer, but to preserve it all as historical and cultural site.. Thank you for posting.