Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Reflective Practitioner

Moving on to the second theme of Module 1 you should draw upon Reader 2 to provide you with context and meaning as you make your way through the various tasks. Reader 2 provides you with a brief overview of the main theorists on reflection and there is both a list of references and a bibliography at the end of the Reader which you should follow up on to enhance your learning and deepen your knowledge. All these materials are available in our library or you can through the SCONUL scheme consult these works at a University Library near you. I also include here a brief guide on the Learning Journal which I produced some years ago which you might useful as you address the tasks ahead.  It refers to Campus Session dates (please ignore these as they are irrelevant). I look forward to seeing your blogs as you proceed through these tasks. 


  1. I think this is a great way of showing a way of learning and planning through this reflective practitioner. Throughout writing my ROL module I always found it hard to plan and by reading this, I felt that this learning log could aid me in many ways throughout my further studies. By reflecting on points such as what did I do? and expanding on these, will show me many different ways in which I could improve or do differently next time. This is a great way of learning and reminding yourself of what you may do differently next time, because even though you feel it went well there is always room for improvement and what a great way to start by reflecting in all your areas of learning.

  2. Rosemary - thank-you for posting the journal guide. I started my journal at the end of September and have already seen it mutate from a basic list of 'what I did at school' to a more emotional and personal journal. However, I really like the idea of setting up questions to answer (as your guide demonstrates) as I think this might be a really good way for me to continue exploring my day rather than just reporting on it. I also think that the questions that I ask might give me greater insight into the areas of work that I give priority to (and therefore value more?) and a better awareness of those that I don't attend to as often.