Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reflective Practice Feedback

Today, I have had chance to read through some of the blogs and see how everyone is progressing. By now, everyone should have moved on from the first section of the module (Professional Communication Technologies) to the second section (Reflective Practice).  The campus session (2) on Reflective Practice has been reported well on by Sarah Robinson and Melanie Brown, both of whom worked together on an exercise. Having a partner like this to listen to acts like a mirror – which is a familiar tool of reflection we use daily!

Reading the blogs shows that there has been engagement with reflective practice readers from Hannah Stewart who offers a highly insightful view on her wiki and applies theoretical perspectives to professional practice. Sarah Robinson in her post reminds us that reflection turns experience into learning.  Emily Hunt’s post is well worth reading and has already generated a lot of comment from peers on the personal application of Kolb & Gardner.

There was a range of blog posts on Journal Writing including Bethany Wells who demonstrates boundless enthusiasm for the practice and Clare Orlandi who referred us to Dumbledore’s contribution from Harry Potter.

Thanks to all of the above for being inspirational. 

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