Thursday, 16 September 2010

Photos on Flickr

When I got my digital camera a few years ago I began to store the pictures on my computer and decided to build up an image bank. A few months ago I uploaded some of my photos to the flickr resource. Here is a sample of my photos. I found it useful to organise them into themes; hence I have this set which I have entitled "Adult Learning" and I have one on "Transport" and so on. I have used my images in my professional practice in slide shows which I have developed as learning tools. Another good use I put my images to is the creation of my unique calling cards through Moo - which is relatively inexpensive. Doing this has made me realise how valuable the digital camera is and I make sure I have it with me as much as possible. When I am taking a close up photo of people I ask the subject if they mind if I take their photo. Mostly, people are ok about it but occasionally, they refuse. This I fully respect. Thinking about an image bank has made me look around me a lot more when I am out and about. It has also made me more aware of the everyday events close at hand. A camera is not just for holidays: it's for life!

Those times I do not have my camera I use my mobile phone. In fact, I was so pleased with this image I took on my i-phone that I used it for my calling / business card. I like the fact that it's the confluence of three textures / structural materials. It's taken in my hotel room in Barcelona when I was at a conference there last year. I am sure I was influenced by my god-daughter who had just completed architecture and listening to her talk with enthusiasm about building materials made me look at structures and buildings with a better informed eye.


  1. You must have used a i-phone the quality of that picture is amazing. I think that it is really clever that you can upload a picture that is personal to you for a business card, its very good advertisement to.

  2. Thank you Abbi. I found the quality of some of i-phone photos quite good. Another amazing thing I discovered about the i-phone photos was that when I uploaded them up onto the computer the meta-data was amazing. It recorded both the time and date of photo and with this information to hand I was able to construct a diary of bereavement covering a 15 month period. With the visual prompt a lot of emotions and feelings came flooding back and helped me enormously in recovering from my loss. My real camera is a Lumix manufactured by Panasonic.