Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A world without Ethics...

This was the big question I did not ask at the campus session on Monday 21st

How would it impact on us personally?
How would our profession conduct itself?
What would the effect be on our students/clients/audience?
How would our organisation operate?
What would the impact on society be?

We started the session by drafting up personal ethical principles and then looking at professional ethical principles. In comparing the two there was general agreement that considering the professional ethical principles was more difficult. There was an awareness that ethics has something to do with morals and with rules – and we acknowledged that ethics is comparative both over time and culture. We looked at three theoretical approaches to ethical analysis which are explained in Reader 5 as well as by Joanna - and used these to analyse the described scene from Billy Elliot (comes from Ethics Dance resource).

We then went on to establish some ethical issues in three short case studies – which was a prelude to drawing up a professional code of practice for three professional groups – Performers, Teachers & Arts Managers. These have been reported upon by two Js – Joanna (Dance Teachers) and Jo(Performers).

The discussions during the session brought up a range of ethical issues from professional practice:

Healthy eating in the profession see ARTICLE from Ethics Dance
Teaching the person v teaching the body
Inclusivity & Equity


  1. Hi rosemary, Unfortunatly I couldn't make the campus session on Monday, but was jsut wondering whether you could clarify I question that I have. For task 5A and 5B we have to look at the codes of practice and regualtions in our place of work and professional community. But as I dont have a job I am wondering what shall I do?

  2. Hi Ross - what you should be looking at are the codes in your professional community - ie the world of dance. You could also reflect on the ethical perspective in previous places you worked or contracts you have. I guess you are not alone in this position. I hope this helps - best wishes