Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Campus Session Activities 8th Feb 2011 3835

Mapping the Knowledge of Professional Practice

Work on your own and list the things you need to know in order to be a professional practitioner what do you need to know in your sector?

Join a group and share what you have produced so far and then work together on the graphical representation and present this to the whole group and discuss.

Triggering questions you would like to do an extended inquiry on.

Reflect on these and use them as a stimulus to suggest questions worthy of an inquiry.
Identify any gaps between your competency and capability

Establishing question(s) of inquiry

Find a partner and tell them your big professional question and why it’s important to you. Then listen to their question and why it’s important to them
Move on to new partner and tell them what your previous partner told you and listen to what their previous partner told them.
The report back to the group what their last partner told them.
Listen for your own question reported back – have you changed the question in any way? Make a note of this and use for future reference

Insider Inquiry

In groups – identify 3 opportunities and 3 challenges in carrying out an inquiry in the workplace or in an arena of professional practice. How would you deal with these and report back.

The groups agreed to blog their findings – so look out for these among the blogs

Networking and Special Interest Groups (SIG)

In teams work on the following points and report back to the main group where we will receive the thinking

How should SIGs form in BAPP?
How many SIGs should we be a member of?
How can we decide membership of SIG?
Should they limited or open?
How much participation is expected?
What responsibilities should we have to the SIG?
What technologies can we use to support communication?
Any other points?


  1. Hi, Rosemary. I unfortunatly missed the campus session on tuesday but the one thing the I really wanted to understand more was about the SIGs. I was just wondering whether anyone had got any answers to the questions you have wrote about SIGs.

  2. Hi, I also was unable to attend the campus session. This write up is of use, so thank you.

    I was wondering if anybody could describe for me what they see as the difference between "competencies" and "capabilities"

    It would be of real use if anybody could email me/blog their list of things they need to know in order to become a professional practitioner. To me this seems like such a vast area to cover, how can one simply list it? Furthermore... surely, the most important things we need to know and learn are still hidden to us?
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  3. Hi Amanda - please see today's post which should address the points you raise and get you thinking.

  4. Hi all.
    I was able to attend my first campus session on Tuesday, and I am currently working on a blog which may answer some of Ross' questions on the SIGs, and could be of use to those others who missed the session.